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Welcome! I'm Cheryl Rich Heisler, the President and Founder of Lawternatives™, and I thank you for visiting this site. Lawternatives was designed to help attorneys at all stages of their careers rethink and reevaluate their career options. Law can be a wonderful profession, but it is not for everyone. Earning a law degree doesn't confine you to working in traditional legal jobs.

I should know - I took a traditional legal route early on in my career. I went to a good school, had terrific summer internships, received an offer from my firm of choice, passed the bar exam and started working, only to find that something was wrong. I liked the people, just not the practice! The details, the rewrites, the constant deadlines, the pressure of making some unfixable mistake...I wasn't happy. But I also wasn't aware of having any other options. I had a law degree - shouldn't I be practicing law?

What I learned - and what I can help you figure out - is that there are unlimited career possibilities out there, many of them just waiting for someone with your innate skills, abilities and interests. The trick lies in first identifying and understanding who you are and the kinds of things you want to do. Armed with that information, we can apply a tested methodology for strategically and systematically hunting down, labeling and researching the realities of those ideas.

Whether you choose to pursue legal, quasi-legal or non-legal opportunities, I would value the opportunity to work with you in exploring career transition.

Please contact me for a confidential discussion of how we might begin, at or call me at 312–613–7499.

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