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LAWTERNATIVES ™ offers individualized career consulting to lawyers and other professionals exploring alternative career paths.

Founded by an attorney, LAWTERNATIVES recognizes the unique needs of legal professionals considering career change and helps them assess their unique skills and interests. Based upon that assessment, LAWTERNATIVES then directs them toward careers which complement those qualities. Cheryl Rich Heisler, founder and president of LAWTERNATIVES, has more than twenty years of experience guiding professionals through the process of career change.

Self-assessment is the foundation for LAWTERNATIVES’ approach to successful career transition. Personal dialogue, rather than clinical “paper and pencil” tests, provides the basis for the assessment phase. Since self-assessment is a fluid process, not just a snapshot of one particular moment in time, clients are encouraged to constantly monitor, review and, where necessary, revise their plans. After focusing and determining career objectives, Lawternatives’ clients receive assistance in identifying the types of employers, areas and industries that match their interests. As each search progresses, clients are coached in networking, marketing and interviewing skills. Individual clients are billed on an hourly basis for consulting services. Motivated clients can expect to spend anywhere from two to six hours in consultation. Sessions are normally spaced several weeks apart to allow clients to digest and process information, to take action and to complete “homework” assignments laid out during prior sessions.

LAWTERNATIVES also provides career consulting to law firms and corporations in their efforts to locate and maintain a uniquely qualified workforce.

From placement to out-placement, LAWTERNATIVES can help employers achieve a dynamic, balanced professional team. LAWTERNATIVES can also help in identifying and coaching high potential individuals. As each workplace situation is unique, programs are created individually to fit the needs of both employer and employee. All LAWTERNATIVES’ clients work exclusively with Ms. Heisler. The process is personal, confidential and, above all, action-oriented.

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